Thursday, November 01, 2007


I'm on vacation for a week. You would think I would now have time to update my blog, but I would doubt it. Next week my sister is gettng married at the interntional convention center in Jerusalem and we have the honor of hosting the party in our Galilean village from this evening until the wedding day. The whole family will not be coming to us because of academic responsibilities so we have a small group of 35 for shabbos including women and children. 

There is a strike of all Iraeli high school teachers going on. It is in the middle of the third week. They feel that because they are trying to teach our children the basic knowledge that they need to survive in life, they deserve a bit of respect and a proper paycheck. They don't have to work in the summer and get a nice break for holidays, so that should be worth something.

The prime minister announced that he has cancer the same day that there was supposed to be a big media expose on his corruption, so they postponed the expose. Coincidence? I think not. The big question going around is _ does he really have cancer and if so, did they hold the story until it was most politically beneficial for him.