Sunday, February 22, 2009

not hit

On Saturday night my SIL calls right after shabbos to find out if we are still alive. Apparantly there had been a rocket attack in our neighborhood over shabbos and people were injured. We hadn't heard anything, except for a lot of thunder. We checked the news reports and it said a village near ours was hit, but the village was not mentioned. This might be under military censor still, so I'll only say it was a Christian arab village that was hit. This village has been around since the days of the crusaders and has a crusader castle on the other side of it. Also of interest to note, this village is right next to the village where Gilad Shalit is from.

That news ended a very interesting shabbos. We had 3 boys from Anywhere in Israel who were looking for an out-of-the-ordinary shabbos. We had a nice friday night with pouring rain. Unfortunately the basement flooded and all of their stuff got soaking wet. We had fixed the problem of rain coming into the basement, but 6 hours of straight rain overcame our defenses.

I told the boys that not only did they get flooded, they also survived a rocket attack. I suggested that the next time they seek adventure, maybe they should think again.