Wednesday, June 09, 2010

012 has lousy customer service

Kavei Zahav 012 has horrible customer service.

I highly recommend not using them for Internet.

This is the second time that I had an issue with them and each time I
had to talk to a manager.

The first time they promised to call me back 4 times and never did. I
finally insisted on talking to a manager, which solved the problem.
However, the frustration getting to that point was not worth it.

The story is that I wanted to cancel my service and they said I had an
18 month contract. I asked them for proof of the contract and they said
they would have to get the recording and someone would respond within 24
hours. 48 hours later I called them back, they said that was impossible
because it takes 3 days to get a recording from the outsourcing company.
They promised that someone would reply to me within 72 hours. 4 days
after that I called them back and they said they hadn't sent the request
yet but it would take 2 weeks. 2 weeks later I called back and at that
point I insisted on talking to a manager. After discussing it with her,
she checked and said, the recording is here, this wasn't outsourced. In
the end, my wife had agreed to the contract and had forgotten about it.
I can accept that, and agreed to keep the contract. It was just so

2 days ago I was called by 012 to renew my contract. I asked the
representative when my contract was up and she said it was in 3 weeks. I
foolishly believed her. I signed up with a different company and then
called to cancel 012. They told me it did not matter what the rep on the
phone said, my contract was for another 2 months and I would have to pay
a penalty. I asked them if I could hear the recording of the
conversation with the sales person and they said there was no record of
the conversation. Obviously, if I would have agreed to extend the
contract there would have been a recording of the conversation.

I finally agreed to a cancellation fee because the 48 shekels it cost me
was worth getting rid of them.