Monday, March 07, 2005

hiking in the wadi

First we noticed some dead birds here and there. One was dying in our backyard so I took it, without touching it because I thought it might have West Nile Virus or something, It would probably be called North Nile Virus here, but we'll keep with its scientific name. So I moved it out of the way and found the dead leopard or hyena or jackal, whatever the word תן translates to. Which was pretty cool. So I laid the bird nicely down right next to the big dead animal which was actually pretty much covered by some bushes. It looked as if it had been dead for a while.
Yesterday some kids were hiking in the wadi and they found a dead guy who had been dead for quite some time. We found this out when golda went searching the news sites for why we were hearing tons of helicopters in the area. Generally that means we are bombing lebanon, but something sounded different about them this time. So golda locked the door and we got canned food and decided not to leave until they found the terrorist. But it might have been the terrorist who was dead. or there might not be a terrorist. it could be some poor guy who just fell dead of a heart attack and was partially eaten by the wild pigs.

In any case, today wasn't such a bad day. I had potato soup for lunch. I didn't get blamed for 2 things that weren't my fault It took some explaining on why they were someone elses fault, but they really were. And finally, thank god and golda, meatballs.

I've had this cold for the past month and I can't seem to shake it. But its got to give soon, because I am beyond just done with it.

Purim is coming and the kids are dressing up as unknown because they haven't gotten the costumes that their bubby is bringing them.

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2R said...

You have a dangerous neighborhood, when I hear a hellicopter it generally means someone is leaving or coming to the Knesset. They havne't had any updates on the dead guy yet...makes you kinda wonder...