Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Stupid Jews

I was speaking with my father-in-law about the story of Korach and he didn't understand how people who saw har sinai could let their personal ambitions get in the way of the obvious.

I thought about this for a little bit and it applies to all of the problems the Jews had beginning in Egypt until the end of the Torah.

Suddenly I had a revelation. Everyone says that Jews today are very smart, a large portion of the leaders of art, science, math... are and have been Jewish. Maybe what happened was the stupid Jews got killed in the stories such as the Golden Calf, the Spies and Korach,... the only gene pool left was the smart Jews and as everyone knows smart jews make other smart jews. This is why we are so afraid of assimilation, we don't want to let stupid genes back into our people. There are some Jews today who are stupid (such as our current PM) and I think that is we call a genetic malfunction.

Another opinion is that this is another case of Woe, for you have listened to the voice of a woman.

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