Monday, July 02, 2007

north american olim statistics

My brother called me up today and asked me hwo to figure out the average of olim from north america, given statistics he got from the Department of Absorption. I told him the average was 28. He still wanted to figure it out statistically, so I gave him a suggestion as to breaking down the categories and figuring it out with the numbers.
He called me 10 minutes later and said the average was 28 and he wanted to know how I knew. I told him that I made aliyah when I was 28 and since the world revolves around me, there couldn't be any other answer.

Next Sunday I'm meeting a future oleh in the high tech field so that he can network with me before making aliyah. I did this before I made aliyah, I met with a bunch of random people and I learned absolutely nothing. So I thought about what I could possibly tell this guy that would make it worth his time to come up to Haifa and talk with me. I realized that the only thing I have to tell him is that there are a lot of available jobs in Israel and that he can ignore anybody who tells him there aren't.

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Anonymous said...

Having looked a bit at the field of regional and peripheral economics - quite developed in the EU - it is obvious that the center is where most of the action is, dissipating outwards until you reach places like ours' where the action I venture is 1/7th if not less. On the level of jobs, that means worse than 1/7 in terms of numbers of jobs available and likely a quarter of the salary possible in the center for anything comparable.

The attractive potential of a new American immigrant with fresh hitech skills however and such availability for potential Israeli employers at at least a third of what such talent would cost in America and likely less - makes such a jobseeker a potential winner of a new job.

So, is that mazal tov! or is that conditional on how long it takes to figure out that the doer is the doee and the haver the havee?