Thursday, January 31, 2008

Galilean Snow

Last night it started snowing in our Galilean village. We went out to play in the snow a bit with the neighbors, all the kids were already sleeping. I was pretty sure the snow would be all gone by morning, but when I got up, just before 6, the snow was coming down. I called th rabbi who I drive to work and we decided to daven first and then see what the situation was. When I got home my wife told me that I should stay home and play with the kids, as school was cancelled anyways. The roads didn't look that great  so I agreed.

Then I went skiing. 

We live on a mountain and I thought that akiing would be a great idea if I couldgo from the top of the hill to the bottom. Apparantly, the angles weren't that great and it was slightly less exhilirating then a bunny hill. It was very enjoyable, in any case, even though I had to walk all the way back up in my ski boots.
I did meet a snowboarder with similar ideas. He is from Vegas originally and thought h would catch some runs.  

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Anonymous said...

Sim - Your spelling and grammar went downhill with your skiing. Get back to blogging to brush up.