Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bronze Medal

Israel captured its first Olympic medal yesterday as Shachar Zubari from Eilat took the bronze in Wind-Surfing.

In today's Taekwondo match, Batel Gaterer Israel's religious taekwondoist lost 4-3 to the Czech girl, Martina Zubcic.
Martina then went on to defeat the Brazilian kicker, Debora Nunes, 3-2.
She finally lost to Turkey in the semi-finals.
Turkey lost to the Korean who took the Gold Medal. I guess it would be a national disappointment if Korea didn't win the gold medal in their own national sport.

Losing in the first round of the olympics is still a huge accomplishment. We are proud of Bat-El for representing Israel and not compromising on her religious standards. I think she can serve as a role model to all religous Jews that it is possible to keep our religious values and still strive to be the best.


concernedjewgirl said...

Long time reader, first time commenter.

What would you say to your daughter if she wanted to do Olympic Swimming?
Would you encourage her to go ahead and yet still maintain her religious values?
Really I’m curious for reasons close to heart and not just trying to make a statement.

rockofgalilee said...

I would tell my daughter that while I am very proud of her ability to swim, it is inappropriate to dress that way in public.
This is a reason why I will encourage her to excel in areas where I am not uncomfortable (yes the double negative is on purpose) with her competing in public.

The question isn't the olympics, it is the first publicly viewed competition.

Anonymous said...

Martina is Croatian, not Czech.