Wednesday, March 04, 2009

judification of our village

I attended an urgent meeting last night on the topic of Judification of our village. Apparently a lot of Arabs are moving in and people would like to stop the trend. There is a rumor that this is an intentional move and Saudi Arabia is funding Arabs moving into Jewish neighborhoods. In some cases the Arabs are offering more then the asking price to convince the seller to sell to them.

We discussed a multi-level plan.
1) Buy houses - There is a definite lack of quality rental properties in the area and a high demand. There is a current NBN initiative to move new immigrants to the Galilee and our village is one of the featured places. Buying property for rental is a solid investment.
There is an organization called Moreshet Galil that is involved in buying houses in the area and keeping it Jewish. One of their proposals is to form real estate investment groups, where people buy houses together. Their first proposal is a house for approximately $120,000 with someone prepared to rent the house for approximately $475/month. He is looking for 5 investors to split the house and already has 3 people at $24,000 a piece and is looking for 2 more. It will provide revenue of approximately $95.00 per month, which is a much better rate then you would get on almost any other investment at the moment.

Another thing we talked about was making the new communities that are being planned into closed neighborhoods where any buyer would have to be accepted by the acceptence committee.

Someone propsed making it less comfortable for them to live in our neighborhoods.

Lastly, we discussed the economic problems of the area and how we can improve it.

It was an interesting discussion, and I will probably have more to discuss on this in the upcoming months.


Anonymous said...

I would sooner write this as a "justification" piece and make a case to help create a new viable economic base for people to want to come and stay here - instead of using ethnic and/or racial preferabilty arguments that no longer hold ideological persuasiveness. Are the new potential entrants in the free professions or have jobs or independent? And if they have served in the army and are not known enemies of the State, perhaps they can make a positive contribution. And if they make no positive contribution but do no harm - then they are no different from the majority of current residents. Avigdor Lieberman is all for helping make current Arab villages bigger and better in order to accomodate larger populations. Since they want to live here - and there are not more of us that want to live here - and there is no legal way to prevent the trend - we should evaluate how best to allow this to work. That is in improving the village for all residents. Are you going to get legislation passed to keep out anyone who is not a yellow eskimo?

Anonymous said...

Of course, you and your 'village' aren't racists now, are you?

Anonymous said...

Rock of Galilee,

I would like to talk with you about a rental property in the Galilee or Golan.

Please contact me at

I expect to make aliyah within 12-14 months from now.

David Mozes