Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lost and Found

On July 16 2005, I wrote a blog post about going to Morgenfeld's
restaurant on Moshav Liman. The restaurant has since moved to across
from Akhziv and the food is excellent, we were there 2 nights ago with
settler friends from the West Bank.

Laurie commented that she was looking for a friend, Amir Tlumak who used
to live in moshav Liman. I don't know either Laurie or Amir, but
yesterday, more then 2 years later, Amir commented on that blog post
that he is still in Israel and hasn't seen Laurie in 27 years.

Amir did not leave an email address or phone number, and Laurie did not
leave any contact information either.

If Laurie is still reading and Amir still wants to be found or if anyone
knows Laurie or Amir, please let me know if they find each other. I'm
very curious.


rockofgalilee said...

BTW, I recommend the Sinta

Amir Tlumak said...

hello again, thank you for your interest in our search for each other.
I am really looking foreword to hear from Laurie, but as you say she didn't leave any way to contact her, anyhow my e-mail is , Laurie's last name was something like Fuierstein. From New York state.

Amir Tlumak said...

my e-mail came out wrong the right one is: thanks. Amir.