Monday, October 31, 2005

it's been a long week

I didn't think that Maureen Dowd had it in her. Who would have thought that women want to be sex objects?????? It's a worthwhile read.

It's been a couple weeks since I last had the opportunity to bang on the keyboard here. We moved into our new house, the Friday before Rosh Hashana and things haven't stopped moving since then. Rosh Hashana was very nice, we got invited out for a ll 4 meals. We had a house warming party, about 100 people showed up and we got some very nice gifts (including a bottle of Southern Comfort, my favorite gift). Sukkos was fun. I decided against buying a prefab sukka because I wanted a real wood sukka. But I bought the wrong kind of wood and my attempt at a frame didn't work, so after a couple of near disasters, a friend gave me a good suggestion for handling it and the sukkah was put up. Hopefully over the next number of years I'll be buying better wood as each of my boards slowly break.

In the move, all of our dishes broke (I don't remember if I mentioned that or not), but not to worry we won a new set of dishes in the country auction. As soon as they arrive, we'll be able to have a nice look shabbos table again.

We tiyuled around the north over sukkos, I had taken off all chol hamoed and the day after as well. one day it was raining and we took the kids bowling in Karmiel. My eldest almost beat me, as we were playing with bumpers.

Brother Airtime and Veev were up visiting this week. They don't want to move to Maalot because it is too far away. Too far away from what? Nobody really knows, but we're still happy that they will be relatively close by. Even if they move to Mizpe Netofa to hang out with the the missing Morgantonian, we'll still see them once in a while.

In other news mazel tov to Yonah Klein and the Mondroe girl (I forget her name). They are (hopefully happily) engaged to be married and I wish them and their families our best wishes. Sounds like there are wedding bells in the air.

I noticed someone on Only Simchas who's name was Sa2ra Rov, but what was most interesting is that she spelled her name saara. How weird is that. In our familly we tend to double the letter after the number, not before it.


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rockofgalilee said...

in my sisters name sa2ra it is actually 2r and not a2.

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