Monday, October 03, 2005

shana tova

We're in the new house!!!!
Friday night we slept there for the first time, the old lady finally (finally) left and gave us the keys. I hope never to see her again. I took off yesterday to try and help arrange things, and we got a goo amount done. The kids have their bedrooms and the playarea all set up and the kitchen and living room is mostly done. Now I need to set up the computer stuff and clean out the basement and we're good to go.
Starting out the new year in a new house is definitely a good sign.

Speaking of good signs, I saw a sign in shul this morning that you would never see in America.
The local police requests members of the congregation to bring weapons with them to shul for the high holidays. Doing this will allow you to fulfill the mitzva of "You should guard your souls."

I hope you all have a great rosh hashana, enjoy the apple and honey, and get written in the good book of life.

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