Sunday, December 10, 2006

no baby yet

It's very hard to blog when you have big news coming up and your wife would get very upset if you posted regular updates on the process. There is something to be said for anonymous blogs, but I don't have time for both a regular one and an anonymous.

I have a lot to say about how proud the police is that they caught the rapist after he was on the loose for 2 weeks. They only got him because an anonymous relative called them and described the car he was driving and told them what road he was on. Even after they caught him, he almost got away with telling them his name was Osama.
He was caught in our neck of the woods, about 25 minutes from our village. Thank God he didn't rape anybody (or at least we haven't heard of anybody) while he was out. The Nahariya police took him into custody on Friday evening and then the prime minister violated shabbat to call the chief of police and congratulate him. I don't think congratulations are in order. It's not like the first time they caught him, this time they let him go.

Our religious public school is finally realizing that we cannot survive on government money alone and we are considering a new fund-raising campaign to supplement it. Israeli's don't understand fund-raising because they've never really had to do it, they would prefer to protest against the municipality who should buy the kids new playground equipment. Their second thought was just to collect the money from the US. Coming from a fundraising culture, where a month doesn't go by without some sort of event for one or more organizations, I have put together a list of fundraisers that we can start locally to bring in some needed cash. Girl Scout cookies are high on the list of things to do, but we are entering the winter months, so the kids probably will not be able to go door to door selling.
The upside in our area is that there are no other organizations fundraising, so we don't have to compete with anyone.

In any case, the baby will be born this week. We still haven't picked out a name, so suggestions are welcome (either boy or girl). Remember it is our first sabra, so the names should not have any yiddish in them.


Anonymous said...

I always thought that Gad was an Israelish name. However, I was recently informed by an Israeli that naming your baby Gad (Gadi) is the equivlent of naming your baby Morris or Seymore. But I still say go with Gad.

mom said...

Uncle Bernard was Baruch.
Papa was Shmuel
and bubba was chana rivka
no more thoughts

Anonymous said...

I heard "Sivivan" is tops on some of your loved ones' list. I kinda like it.

Since this one will be a SABRA, the first! how about Yisroel, or Yisrolat - then you could use the nickname of Sivvy!

Anonymous said...

Bubbie S-J
Asher this is the land of the shevet Asher for a boy and Techelet for a girl. they should both be healthy...

Anonymous said...

It is recommended NOT to use the male-ized or female-ized spelling, but to use the original male or female name but not both (the original and the male-ized or female-ized version or vice versa) in the event you have twins). This is difficult to explain anonymously :) but you'll find it easy because you know who this is.

Anonymous said...

I like Mattisyahu, then you call him mati. Thats if your having a boy...

A girl... how about Yehudit? That may be too similar to another family member, but I have heard of people doing it. Those are my ideas for today, maybe ill have more tomorrow.