Monday, December 25, 2006

regular day at work

We have a normal day at work and the only indication of any holiday is the reports in the newspaper about Bethlehem.

To all of my Christian readers, have a happy holiday and a happy new year.
This year Bethlehem was rocking though the visitors were a bit fearful that the Muslim radical leaders of Bethlehem would blow them all up. For some reason they didn't.
One of my children saw a decorated tree somewhere and asked me why people are decorating trees. I was very surprised that she had seen one, but I guess we do have a large percentage of non-Jews in the Galilee, so there is what to see.

In interesting news, Ethiopia attacked Somalia today with fighter jets. Does this shock anybody else? They don't even have telephones in Ethiopia!!! Where did Ethiopia get fighter jets from???? Do all third world countries have airplanes? Should this scare us?

For those who read Dag have you noticed how anti-chabad he has been in the past week? You might call him chabophobic.


Anonymous said...

of course they have fighter jets... how else would israel defence industry make money!!!

Anonymous said...

That was my thought exactly. Although I was thinking they should sell their planes and buy some food instead.

Anonymous said...

Since the rockets have stopped coming, are you going to change your blog logo back?

DAG said...

I havent become anti-chabad..have always been...just there is more amo now