Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Now that I am driving to work, I have started downloading MP3 shiurim to listen to on the commute.
I heard a great shiur on kabbala and golus by Rav David Bar Chayim of Torah Light. I really enjoyed it and it definitely was on my wavelength (which sme people would say is odd). It is about an hour and a half shiur, but it is well worth it.
I'm currently downloading the daf yomi for Megilla. If I can make the time to actually go over it inside as well, I will have a much better understanding then I have been until now.

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Eitan Ha'ahzari said...

We briefly interrupt this segment of "Galilee This" for an urgent update. He who's known to you as "Greg" of "Hear, O Israel!" has posted a short piece on what he'd do if elected Prime Minister in this here Israel. Y'all are welcome to come on over and present your shrewd intellectual arguments.

Rock of Galilee: sorry to burst in on you like this. I just thought you'd find my post interesting.