Friday, April 06, 2007

chol hamoed

It's been a busy pesach. Having only one seder and one day of chag gives me more time to go on tiyulim during chol hamoed. Early Wednesday morning we piled into the car and headed Southward towards the Negev. We had reservations for the night in a Sde Boker motel. Sde Boker is the kibbutz where Ben Gurion lived and was buried. There is an interesting custom associated with visiting Ben Gurion's grave, but we did not partake (the kids were with us).
We did some nice tiyuling in the crater (mikhtash) itself and went to an alpaco farm. We ended off the trip with a bbq at the dead sea and then drove on home.
Our seder was multi-ethnic. We had a sefardical family and they did some strange things. We did tell them that they could not slaughter a goat at the table because it would make a mess, so they compromised on that custom.

I bought sticker sheets to keep the kids happy but I only got 2 spiderman sheets and there were 3 boys, so there was some crying. but all and all it was fun.

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Rafi G. said...

we were supposed to go down to ben gurions grave and ein ovdat as well, but the friends we were goign with decided they did not want to drive down so far so we did a tiyul around jerusalem area...

what is the custom by ben gurions grave to which you refer?