Monday, August 13, 2007

klezmer festival

The tzfat klezmer festival will be heating up the evenings starting tonight for the next 3 days. Last year we went the last night of the festival and heard a band called Simply Tsfat, which we really enjoyed. This year they are playing on the second night (tomorrow), so I think we're going to go to that. The war last year began the day after the klezmer festival ended. We don't think they started firing rockets because they had enough of the klezmer music (tzfat is relatively close to the border), but we don't know.

This year we are considering bringing the kids with us. It will cost more bringing the kids then leaving them with a babysitter and it will be more of a hassle and more frustrating. But they will definitely enjoy the music and the late night stroll through tsfat so giving them that might be worth the whining and complaining that will be included in the jaunt.

If you are interested in the klezmerfest there is both an English website, and a Hebrew Website, which have the schedules. The hebrew website seems to have a lot more information.

Let us know if you are planning on being there and maybe we'll hook up


Rolling hills of green said...

so kids or no kids??

rockofgalilee said...

If you already told them they could come and they're looking forward to it then we should take them

Unknown said...

klezmer festival will be heating up the evenings starting from 18/08/2008 for the next 3 days.