Wednesday, August 01, 2007


I took a vacation day tomorrow and we are probably going camping in the golan heights. We felt it is an appropriate time to go specifically now because Assad announced that he is planning on taking it back and this is like rubbing his face in it.

One friend who we are going with would like to go fishing on the trip. I'm not sure if my children can handle fishing yet, they wouldn't understand that it is actually fun to just sit there with the rod cast off and not actually "doing" anything.

A couple days ago, I was appointed as the co-chair of alumni relations for graduates of my high school in Israel. The next day one of my old classmates made aliyah and I called him to welcome him both personally and from the alumni association. Now I'm going to start getting in touch with all of these alumni who are living here and seeing what they are up to. That will be interesting on a number of different levels.

The IDF (Israeli army) has started making an issue out of people who refuse to serve in the army. There is a lot of public discussion going on right now about both the chareidi who refuse to serve because they are learning Torah and it is not a positive environment (though now with nachal chareidi it is becoming better) and left wingers who don't serve in the army because they are morally opposed. Then there are those who just feel the army isn't good for them, because they don't like sleeping in rooms with other people, need their TVs, ...
It is an interesting discussion to say the least.


Anonymous said...

I was trying to find a post about taking kids fishing, but almost missed this one, since it wasnt in your labels.

My kids love fishing. They like digging for worms, and they like waiting for the fish to bite, but their favorite part is watching the fish flap around. I think I have raised monsters.

rockofgalilee said...

See how well labels work.
I didn't want people finding out about the fishing from a search. That was only for people who actually read the blog.