Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Jameel's pro YU problem

Jameel Rasheed, of muqata fame, with his pro-YU hashkafik acceptance of the fact that a book written by the nephew of the Netziv said that Volozhiner's learned secular studies , has driven away potential olim. A commenter on the Muqata blog specifically blamed Jameel's hashkafa as to why he would not move to Israel. In order to promote aliya, Jameel has to make a choice. Should he stop spewing his hashkafic opinions and driving off potentials or should he say to hell with him, we don't want those kind of olim anyway.

It is debatable whether accepting a statement written in the book "My Uncle, the Netziv" would be considered YU hashkafa. Another way of looking at it is that a hashkafa that bashes secular learning is not following the Volozhiner hashkafa and using the story of why the Netziv closed the yeshiva is misrepresenting the facts which would indicate that they are violating the commandment "Stay far away from the untruth."

It could be that the anonymous commentor simply does not know how to read and assumes that if his rebbe said something it must be 100% true and therefore it is Jameel who is lying by quoting the book.

I would bet that Jameel will not change his pro-YU hashkafa until aliyah slows down about 50-70%. Once that happens you can expect more posts from Jameel about the evils of reading and thinking. He will probably post more anti-army posts and talk about the benefits of burning trash in the streets to let people know you are angry about something.


Jameel @ The Muqata said...

*sigh* You too accuse me a of a pro-YU hashkafa? I still don't understand how the anonymous commenter arrived at that decision. I didn't say anything pro or against YU, I just quoted from the book.

The commenter wrote: 1. no one was allowed to do anything in volozhin besides learn torah. this includes the [clandestine] zionist organization. what guys did against the rules is another matter entirely.

Therefore, one must conclude that since the book clearly states that the Netziv authorized Russian and Mathematics as being part of the official Volozhin curriculum, and since Mr. Anonymous claims they only learned Torah in Volozhin (and nothing else), he therefore reveals that his own personal hashkafa includes Math and Russain as being...."Torah!"

He's even more pro-YU than YU.

Just Shu said...

for what its worth I had a a great time at YU and I'm making aliyah

Anonymous said...

It is just a book. Take a chill pill Sim. Take a chill pill Jameel. Maybe it is because you both are so super-Israel, super-aliyah that you go off the dep end for a few words. Oy.

Anonymous said...

No offense to Jameel, I am sure his blog is wonderful... But I do not believe that what he says or does not say on his blog is what is causing this individual to not make aliyah.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Heidi - that's it, I'm offended.

Do you also imply the flipside that nothing I write will convince anyone to make aliya?

rockofgalilee said...

Some people just don't understand the power of blogging or how turn-offish it could be that someone in one country could possibly like a university in a different country that other people feel passionately Iranian about.

I believe that until the anonymous commenter pointed out that he would not be moving to Israel because of this, that everyone else who has read the blog is at least planning on making aliyah. Now that we have a dissenter, an anti-Israel (a least anti an Israel that contains people who make statements that can be construed as liking YU, even if he is only quoting from a book written by a non-YU-partisan (as far as I know)) lurker we're going to have to figure out if that affects ad revenue and/or visitors on the site.

I did write the post as a joke, though apparently not everyone took it that way.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

It was extremely obvious your post was written as a joke.

Guess some people need humor therapy.

Anonymous said...

"Do you also imply the flipside that nothing I write will convince anyone to make aliya?"

I suppose that was the implication Jameel...But, on the other flipside I am also implying that your blog is geared towards thinking individuals, as opposed to idiots whom you can brainwash to do anything you want.