Saturday, November 03, 2012

Katzeleh - in or out

The head of the National Union party, Katzeleh (Yakov Katz ), delared a couple days ago that he was so confident in the number of mandates he was going to win that he would be number 7 on the list, which would end up being 14 on the joint list with the Bayit Yehudi after the merger. When I heard him say that I took him at face value and was very impressed with his confidence. I think the joint list can get 14 seats, with enough effort.

A report I just read indicated that Katzeleh had actually resigned from the party with his statement and now he wants back in. He is insisting on retaining head of party status and being given the most senior ministerial position that comes their way. What is interesting is that in the last Knesset they made a law that a minister does not have to be an MK. Therefore there is no problem with him not getting into the Knesset and retaining the 14th spot and still gaining the ministerial position that he wants.

The news report is trying to make this into a personal issue of honor. I think they are pulling it way out of proportion. Obviously with any political party there are people who don't like the head and start gossiping about it all. The report I read said that Katzeleh was insulted that nobody called on him to return to the party after quitting. Making a mountain out of a molehill.

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