Thursday, November 01, 2012

My response to Rav Hershkovitz

I received a letter from the current head of the Bayit Yehudi, Rav Daniel Hershkovitz, explaining his support of Zevulun Orlev for party head. I feel that this letter insults my intelligence and the intelligence of all Bayit Yehudi voters.

Dear Rav Hershkovitz,

You started off your letter stating that Naftali Bennet is trying to turn the Bayit Yehudi party into a second Likud, following the heritage of Jabotinsky. However, if what Bennet said, is that he is opening the party to traditional pro-Torah education Jews, who may not be your standard kippa sruga religious looking type. In any case, he is trying something new after you and Orlev have failed over the past 4 years. Joining together and saying vote for us as a package is basically saying, "Lets continue on with our great success." The problem being that the movement has all but fallen apart because the old party has become irrelevant.

You then mention that Bennet will not be invited to a coalition with Netanyahu because of a bad personal relationship. Immediately after that you spoke about how you and Orlev got together even though you had a bad personal relationship. In fact, for the past 4 years you have said plenty of negative things in public about Orlev. What makes anybody think that after the elections are over, suddenly all of your differences with Orlev have been resolved?

Make up your mind - can you put personal feelings aside for the sake of politics or can't you? Are you insinuating that only you and Orlev can put aside personal differences for the sake of a coalition, but Bennet and Netanyahu are not capable of this? This is absolutely ridiculous.

Then you mention the polls. The only reason the polls have the Bayit Yehudi rising in seats is because of the assumption that Bennet is going to win. If that doesn't happen, I don't see the throngs of voters voting for something that hasn't worked in the past number of elections.

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