Wednesday, October 31, 2012

National Union supports Bennet for Bayit Yehudi

In the upcoming elections, the National Union is planning on running with the Bayit Yehudi on a joint list. In the last election, they were supposed to run together as well, but it didn't happen in the end. This morning Katzeleh, the leader of the NU, said in an interview that for the merger to really work, Bennet must lead the party list. When he was asked what would happen if Orlev won the Bayit Yehudi primaries, he answered that of course the NU would continue trying to run together, but it would be politics as usual with Orlev.

Katzeleh predicted 15-20 seats in the coming Knesset for the joint Bayit Yehudi-NU list under the leadership of Bennet. He went as far as placing himself in 7th place on the list, which would give him 14th place on a joint BY-NU list, exuding confidence that he would continue to be in the Knesset. My take on it is that the final deal with the Bayit Yehudi, Katzeleh will get the ministerial position so that he doesn't really care if he is actually in the Knesset or not.

Another thought I had is that if Orlev wins, Katzeleh wants nothing to do with the Bayit Yehudi and will thereby take himself out of the Knesset.

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