Sunday, October 28, 2012

hanan zouabi

There is an Arabic woman in the Knesset named Hanan Zouabi (or something similar) from one of the Arabic parties. She is anti the state of Israel, has called for armed resistance against us and has participated in seditious acts such as being on the Marmara. Danny Danon, a Likud Knesset member and the president of World Likud, has called for her being banned from running for Knesset. There is a  law stating that people who support terror organizations and armed struggle against Israel cannot be elected to the Knesset. Danny would like my support in petitioning the Knesset to ban this lady.

I have a few issues with the whole situation. First of all, as Hanan herself stated, the attorney general in Israel decided that there was no basis for bringing charges against her for all the wrongs that Danny Danon feels that she committed. If the Israeli court system can't try her and throw her into jail, I don't think the Knesset has the right to make that determination. Second of all, She is representing her people. They all hate the State of Israel and would like to see the Jewish people drink from the sea of Gaza. However, Danny Danon did not propose any laws to expel all of the Israeli Arab population from the country. Why is that? If we were really against sedition, we would put them all on a boat and send them out to the wild blue yonder telling them  to find a new home. Obviously, we are willing to live with a significant population that hates us, and allowing them representation sounds reasonable to me. Third,  Hanan Zouabi is a woman. An Arab woman. The very fact that she has made it to the Knesset and represents her community is an unbelievable feat in the Arab world. We should be encouraging the Arabs to elect women, even if they hate us, and to promote equality. In other words, a woman who is elected because she publicly hates us is much better for us in terms of molding their society then a man who outwardly behaves like a gentleman.

Finally, there is a law stating who can and cannot be in the Knesset. Why should I need to support Danon in order to get the Knesset to follow its own laws. If they need my help petitioning them to remind them what the law is, there is another problem. If the idea is to provide enough pressure that the Knesset will decide to ban her despite the laws protecting her, this is mob rule.

The fact that we now have religious Jewish women dressing up like arab women in bet shemesh  indicates that people like Zouabi are role models to all people in Israel who hate Zionists.


Anonymous said...

who gave this guy the right to discredit the Knesset logo with snail spam?

rockofgalilee said...

I see you got one too. Did he send it to everyone in the country?

Anonymous said...

at taxpayer expense, no less

Anonymous said...

I was trying to decide if I should share the facebook photo, and I decided against it for pretty much the same reasons you did here.

It's a shame when people make such large mistakes. Or perhaps there is a segment of the population that wants that kind of thing.