Thursday, October 18, 2012

Jeremy Gimpel

Jeremy Gimpel, from Ari and Jeremy (, stopped by to visit a couple days ago.

Jeremy is a candidate for a spot on the Bayit Yehudi list and has a realistic chance of getting in. He is backing Zevulun Orlev in his bid as party head. His reasoning:
"In the Bayit Yehudi/NRP, MK Orlev has the most experience, passed the most laws and has been the go to guy in the past. I love Naftali Bennet and only have respect for Rav Hershkovitz, but Naftali has never been a Knesset member before, and it would be good for him to be #2 for a term so he can learn where the bathrooms are in the Knesset before becoming party leader." 
Jeremy is a tanach (bible) buff and used the example of Moshe and Yehoshua, where Zevulun Orlev, a patriarch in the party, would show Naftali the ropes, giving him the experience needed to run the party in 4 years.

Rumors suggest that an additional reason for Jeremy's backing of MK Orlev was Orlev's decision to back him as well. While Bennet is backing 9 other candidates for the Knesset, Orlev is only backing 3. In the primaries, each voter can only vote for up to 5 people. A party leader who backs more then 5 people, has a watered down list, as none of them have his full support.

During our conversation, I did not hear one negative word about anybody. He praised the quality of all 3 candidates for party head, as well as the other candidates for the list. I feel that positive politics can only help us as a nation and a political party.

Jeremy has a deep connection to our village, as he has been helping the Bnei Menashe with funding and acclimation for the past number of years. This group of people, who may be of the remnants of one of the 10 lost tribes, came to Israel a few years ago and settled in our community.

We support Jeremy and highly recommend that all Bayit Yehudi members vote for him in the primaries.

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