Monday, October 29, 2012

Bayit Yehudi Debate

There was a debate today between the Zevulan Orlev and Naftali Bennet who are both running for the head of the Bayit Yehudi. I did not have a chance to hear the debate, as it was during work hours, but I hope to hear it later on if I can find a downloadable copy.

After the debate, I saw a headline on (a news site for the hebrew reading national religious people) that Orlev won the debate in a knockout and was much more prepared then Bennet. But when I clicked on the link it said the content didn't exist. When I refreshed the main page that headline was removed.

 The opinion piece that Bennet got trounced was found and there's a nother opinion piece that says Bennet won while Orlev did not accept any responsibility for the failures of the movement.

My brother-in-law actually listened to it and said there was no knockout, but there was clarification of differences. In his words:
"Orlev wants to unite religious zionists
Bennet wants to broaden the scope to traditional & secular who share values"

**UPDATE 2**
If you want to hear the debate you can download the mp3, there are 2 segments:

I'll be listening to at least part of it on my way home and I'll let you know what I think later.

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