Tuesday, October 23, 2012

English Politics

 For those of you who saw the previous blog post, I am issuing an apology and retraction. I completely mischaracterized and misunderstood the idea of having an Anglo department in the Bayit Yehudi.

Jeremy Gimpel is actually working to create a political home for the English speaking community. Currently, English speakers are completely ignored in the government world. When you call a government office, you can press 1 for Hebrew, 2 for Russian and 3 for Arabic, but there is no 4 for English.

A lot of Americans have double taxation issues. Israeli spouses of Americans have to go through the standard Israeli process to get a US visa.  There is currently no English speakers in the Knesset despite the hundreds of thousands of English speakers living here.

We support Jeremy for the Knesset.

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