Monday, October 29, 2012

Orlev vs Bennet

I really enjoyed listening to the debate. After listening to the whole thing, I consider it to be a complete knockout for Bennet. The debate certainly succeeded in showing the difference between the two of them. I have no connection to the mafdal of Orlev and am completely in line with the vision of Bennet.

One of the main points of Bennet is that he will bring 10-12 mandates whereas Orlev will only bring 2-3. Orlev did not disagree with this. He agrees that he will only bring a few mandates and he is happy with this.

Orlev's main point is that the party should not be opened to traditional Jews because there is no point in having another right wing party, if it does not focus specifically on the dati leumi community. He also believes that you need experience to lead and he certainly has the experience.

These were basically the 2 points there were spewn back and forth over the hour and a half debate

Jeremy Gimpel was mentioned by Orlev in the last 45 seconds of the debate as one of the excellent candidates who we should vote for.

My commentary:
In my opinion, there is no point in a mafdal with 3 seats, it gives us absolutely no political power and turns us into the court Jew. As Naftali pointed out, it has become something whose purpose is to give a vort at the opening of the Knesset. There are a number of dati leumi people in the Knesset from other parties. They fled from the NRP because it became completely irrelevant. Opening the party to "Jewish issues" instead of dati leumi issues gives us so much more power, if it can bring in the voters.

Orlev has been part of the machine that has been losing voters left, right and center for the past 15 years. His excuse is that he was not leading the party at that time, so none of it is his fault. Now he wants to lead.
One of the things Orlev said he wants to do now is deal with high tuition in the dati leumi schools. Naftali's response was that this is not a new issue and why is he waking up now. We need political power in order to fix that issue.

I agree that you should have some experience to lead, but the past is dead and its road is broken. Without new leadership the pro Judaism faction will continue to be incorporated into other parties where they have a minor amount of political power. Building a new party on the ruins of the NRP that focuses on Jewish issues, with a focus on the national religious way of living is, in my opinion, the correct path and will bring people home instead of chasing them away.

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