Monday, October 22, 2012

Joint Leadership...uh..gag

According to news reports, MinisterRavPartyHeadDanielHershkovitz quit the primary race for the head of the Bayit Yehudi and threw his support behind Orlev. The agreement they reached was that Orlev would be the party head and they would run the party together. They say they were influenced by Shas triumvirate party leadership and only want unity. They have invited Naftali Bennet to join them in their own triumvirate. This takes us back to the old days of the NRP. Handshake deals in smoky rooms trading votes for "jobs."

Keep in mind that best buddies Hershkovitz and Orlev cannot stand each other. They spent the last 4 years in the Knesset fighting with each other and only now when it seems that the Bayit Yehudi will replace the Mafdal Dinosaur, do they come together in peace and unity.  The big question is what will Hershkovitz get for trading his soul to the devil? My bet is president of Bar Ilan University. You read it here first.

The old party leadership is also trying to quell the younger vote. In the primaries the only place where members can vote is in the district they registered. This means that students and soldiers will not be able to vote in the primary. Is it coincidental that the majority of the youger members support Naftali Bennet?

I call on all Bayit Yehudi members to rise above the same old backroom deals and come together to vote for Naftali Bennet. In with the new.

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