Wednesday, November 30, 2005

got a cold

We met some friends in Tel Aviv on Monday night for all you can eat steak. They forgot to cook the meat so we had to keep sending it back. Apparantly you have to tell them burnt in order to get it well done. To them "medium-well" meant mostly rare.
I should have known something was wrong because I only ate 3 steaks, a plate of chicken wings and fries.
Next morning I woke up and my throat was hurting a lot. Not because of the meat. I just got a dumb cold.

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traintalk said...

You "got a cold" steak. What an el groucho. Used to be going to the movies was asking for trouble - the smokers, seed spitters and bottle spinners. Pretty much it used to be the same on buses. Pretty much same thing for plays and symphonies. Now we got cellphones. Everyone has become a sound technician and movie director. Gimme a mangel and charcoal and a 6 pack anyday. Looking for Mr Good-(Piece Of Steak POS)-Bar?