Wednesday, November 23, 2005

what a week

Sunday morning I get to work and my production database server has crashed. I got it back up, but am not exactly sure what the cause of the problem is so during lunch I moved the database and fileserver to our backup server. No big deal, we lost about half hour of work.
I started looking at the machine and quickly figured out exactly where the problems had occurred, if not exactly the reason why the occurred. But then after looking around for a minute I realized the computer didn't have RAID, and the second harddrive was sitting there idle. I stayed an extra hour at work and pretty much things were back to normal. This is all hashgacha pratis, as you are about to find out.
Monday, I had planned on getting together with a friend in Tel Aviv. But my wife planned on taking the kids to a bambi play on monday and since the wives also wanted to get together we postponed our get together for a week.
Since I had worked late on Sunday I came home a little early on Monday (I had some things I wanted to do anyways). I stopped off and got some wings and shwarma to cook up on the grill because after an excursion with the kids my wife generally does not have time to make dinner.
As I am walking towards the house, my wife calls me. Bambi has been postponed due to inclement terrorism. They were supposed to go home and go into the bomb shelter. What should she do. Well, I got home first and looked at our bomb shelter and decided that we were not going into it. I had just moved a ton of boxes into it and I certainly was not going to move them out. It is also a very small room and we wouldn't be able to stay in there for very long without going stir crazy. I called a couple friends and they said that they don't go into their bomb shelters either. I figured that if I heard rockets hitting our neighborhood we would go in, but otherwise the odds of us being the first hit were pretty small and also an indication of God's being very pissed off at us.
No rockets hit Maalot and we had a nice bbq dinner. I made a mean spicy honey mustard sauce for the wings, and we broiled them instead of using the bbq (cause it is outside). The children slept in our room, so that we would all die together if it came down to that.

Just think for a moment about the panic that would have ensued if we had gone to Tel Aviv and left the kids with a baby sitter. Or if I would have come home at the regular time without dinner. I can just imagine them all huddling in the bomb shelter - hungry and crying.

Yesterday was pretty much a normal day, though I was too busy to write. So I wanted to let y'all know that we are still alive and well. And to think רבות מחשבות בלב איש ועצת ה' היא תקום


Batya said...

It sounds so ordinary.
My daughter did sherut leumi in Kiryat 8, and I visited her during the Gulf War. It was quite an experience.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

I love you blog! Many similarities to life here in the Shomron. (and my kids complaining about English homework as well).

stillruleall said...

"The children slept in our room, so that we would all die together if it came down to that."
Thats so sweet!! Does your wife read this???

rockofgalilee said...

kiryat shemona is getting the brunt of it all. We're about an hour away, which in Israel is considered very far.

Jameel, I'm glad you love my blog. I also enjoy it a lot. I've been in the shomron a couple of times because we have close relatives who have close relatives there.

Of course my wife reads this. This is a family blog. You have to realize how messy things would get if only a couple children were left. Which reminds me, I should really get my Israeli will done which will say who my children go to in case we don't make it.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Rock: If you want to come to the Shomron for a shabbat, let me know.

I only just realized now that you're part of "The Loop" funny. I've been reading other blogs from your family, without knowing any of the relationship connections.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Muqata...and shabbat shalom.

rockofgalilee said...

Thanks for the invite Jameel.
Maybe we should have an Israeli blogosphere shabbaton, so we can meet all the people we read.
Or maybe about half of those people don't want anyone to know who they are.