Thursday, November 03, 2005

whats in a lunch

I am sitting here once again eating a mixture of beans, potatos and zucchini wondering, as always, why I didn't order pizza.
The short answer is because eating a whole pizza at luch everyday makes you fat. No, there's no such thing as eating only one or two slices. If you order the pizza you eat the pizza.
In Israel companies give away a free lunch. What about the adage that there is no free lunch? Well before I came to Israel I didn't eat lunch, and I didn't get fat. Now I am eating lunch and paying for it. Except that I stoped eating pizza and I lost a lot of weight. But I would prefer to eat the pizza.

Now I understand smokers who say, I know it'll give me cancer and that doesn't bother me in the least. Give me the cigarette. I also understand why I've never smoked. It's the same reason I'm eating the beans and potatos, which are not even a quarter as enjoyable, instead.

What kind of person trades his life for a moment of pleasure?

Another random thought on the rock of galilee.


traintalk said...

If you didn't call it "pleasure", you'd call it the yetsar ha'rah. But bottom line is that pleasure and the yetsar ha'rah are components of life. If it was once a pepperoni (I mean all the trimmings) thick pan pizza and a couple pitchers of beer, for instance, and now its just a pizza, I'd call that moderation. No pizza for you might be like no smoke for me and that leads back to yesterday's "random" posting. By the way, my Israeli workplace provides no free lunch and not even the time not to eat it.

DAG said...

I'm fat...what's wrong with that?


rockofgalilee said...

I think we call it freaking huge!!

rockofgalilee said...

I haven't seen you in a couple years.
(my wife made me post this

Rolling hills of green said...

Dag, you know him, he's lying. Sheesh only crazy people talk like that.

DAG said...

Rock...Im not fake.. am freaking huge....but there is more to love!