Tuesday, April 25, 2006

no politics

I'm trying not to write anything about politics because the coalition negotiations are just too disturbing.

As an example, AG Mazuz said Lieberman, head of Yisroel Baytaynu, cannot legally be minister of Internal Security because they are investigating him for accepting money from the same guy who Sharon was being investigated for taking money from. Mazuz had no problem with him being prime minister, who is over the minister of Internal Security. He also had no problem with HaNegbi, the current minister of Internal Security, who was also being investigated during the time he was in office.
This is the same AG who said he couldn't prove the chief rabbi did anything wrong so he should resign by himself instead of being given a chance to prove himself innocent.
It's obvious that Olmert is going to keep this guy as his new AG, he plays the right kind of ball.

Instead of politics, I have a funny story.

My driver this morning asked me if I fix computers. I told him that it depends on what's wrong with it. He said that nothing was wrong with it yet he just wanted to know if he could bring it to me if there was a problem. He had a computer and they took it to the repair shop to get fixed. For some reason he didn't call the repair shop back for a month. When he finally called back to find out if it was fixed yet, the guy told him that he already sold it.
Yes. He took the computer and instead of fixing it, or after fixing it, he sold it to someone else, probably as a new computer. He then offered my driver a new computer for the price of fixing the other one. I would bet that he takes a machine that is half as good, that he stole from someone else and gives that to him hoping that he doesn't know the difference.


Jerusalemcop said...

you have your own driver????

that story just sounds too weird, why wouldn't eh call in a month, I have enough trouble going a day without internet/email access?


rockofgalilee said...

You must have missed the driver post.

I wouldn't give the guy a week without finding out what the problem was, but apparantly some people don't know enough to know that it doesn't take a month to fix a computer.

Jerusalemcop said...

now i understand. Guess I missed a few of your posts.

the problem with waiting a month for the comp is that after that time, whatever model u have is obsolete ;)


rockofgalilee said...

that's what happens when you don't read everyday.

I thought the story was weird, but that's the story he told me.