Sunday, April 09, 2006

pesach is here

Well at least in our house it is. We switched over the kitchen Friday and ate out both meals shabbos. Our local caterer had meals in the shuls at a very reasonable price and the food was delicious.

I went out afikomen present shopping today and I decided that the boys will get the afikomen this year, because I didn't find any presents for the girls. I also think that the present I found for my older son is probably more appropriate for the little guy so in the end he gets 2 presents and everyone else gets none and now I just have to figure out how to make sure he gets it and nobody else does.

Pesach means vacation for us, and I am taking chol hamoed as vacation and we're going camping in the dead sea area with some friends. A bunch of families planned on going with us, and so far there is 1 family roughing it in the campgrounds with us and 2 other families who will be staying at a motel in the area and travelling with us during the day. (And I'll bet they're going to want to bbq with us as well.)

One family that we are going with was looking for an enclosed roof carrier for their car. They found it in America for $160 and in Israel for 6000 shekels. The same carrier, made by the same company and probably imported from the same country.

This is the problem with a non-competitive market. We brought everything with us when we made aliyah and Israelis look at some of the things we have that are pretty standard in America, like a swingset or a gas grill as extravagant because here they cost a minimum of triple the price from what we paid.

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