Thursday, April 27, 2006

that green thing

All green and scrunched up, it doesn't have a chance
there's no way it can just get out there and dance
crippled that way for life an eternity of shame
There's no one but God who can take the blame

The darkness is calling the green thing starts rocking
While dragging and sliding it's ticking and tocking
Moving on quickly to that wrong side of the force
Where niceness is frowned on, its good to be coarse

Those who are watching - not so sure what to do
One arab stands up and he shows it his shoe
But the green thing ignores all the shouts and the mob
They want to accept me they're not like this snob

It struggles and struggles determined to prevail
Thinking the dark side is for it the holy grail
Needing to be accepted by anyone or anything
Conquering facts and fears he ignores the warning

When it gets there it sticks out its hand to say hi
The ones who first see hm all let out a cry
tis good that you've came, we're starving out here
they slapped it on the back and passed around beer

Then they lit up the bbq and said we'll have a meal
That green crippled thing looks much better then veal.
They threw him on the grill and tied him onto the keel
And they waited until he was more then just rare
Then they ate that wretched creature without even a care.


Rolling hills of green said...

Lettuce, brocolli, brussel sprouts??!! Not your usual bbq choices!

mom said...

such poetry