Monday, October 30, 2006


They are doing construction work on the floor above me with some
seriously heavy drilling. I can't think and I'm going to walk out of
here with a headache for the second day in a row. Thank God, they
promised it will be over by tomorrow.
Lieberman joined the government today and I don't think it makes a shred
of difference in my life.
The basement flooded again. I spent all evening squeeging it out because
there is no drainage system. So I called my plumber, well actually my
plumbing consultant because he still lives in the old country. But I
wanted to get some good advice before I talk to the Israeli plumber, who
I probably won't be able to understand. At least I learned the Hebrew
word for drain. I made it up to the roof last night for 3 seconds before
it started raining again, but that was enough time to unplug the main
problem gutter. I'll have to play with the rest of the as well, but I
really don't want to climb on the wet roof in the dark. Something about
not wanting to break a leg.
In any case, Old Achmed never wrote me back, so I'm going to have to
figure out some other way of finding Arab doctors who trained in the US.

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docyaak said...

in unrelated news, canaan was chams 4th son and cham was turned black due to his relationship on the ark