Wednesday, October 04, 2006

been atoned

Green oranges (??) are now in season and they just don't rank.

Yom Kippur went pretty well, I davened well, didn't eat or drink and took my oldest daughter with me for the last 3 hours so she wouldn't fight with her siblings.
Part of the viduy (confession) inclues a line that says "we were Hamas." I didn't think that I was Hamas this past year. Or was I? What is being Hamas? Is it only about hating and killing Jews because they are Jews? I didn't do any of that this year. Even though I didn't fully understand how I was Hamas, if it said in the book that I did it, then I must have and I was very sorry about it. Except that saying that I was Hamas gives them a more human face. If I was Hamas and I wasn't so bad, then maybe they really aren't so bad and they just get a bad rap. Except that they are that bad, and I was not, so maybe I should skip the line about being Hamas.
In the end I confessed that I was Hamas about 20 times. Then God forgave all my sins. Even for being Hamas.

I must have missed something with this whole Amish school shooting. I just don't understand why the little amish boys didn't take out their rifles and shoot the guy.

My sukka is standing, somehow miraculously it didn't fall down even though when I arrived home last night, both sides were standing at a 60 degree angle. I tell you it is God's own hand that holds up the sukka. Tonight I will finish it so I can get to all the other projects I need to do. We're having a big party for the first couple days, as the whole Israeli family is coming up north. We're thinking of Nachal Kziv on Friday, as a nice practice hike and then Nachal Iyun, (up near Metulla) with its 4 waterfalls on Sunday morning.
Here's hoping for good weather.


mom said...

the hamas we ask for forgiveness for is violence, not a redical, evil,political group.
here's hoping for a non violent year!
love you

Anonymous said...

we all know how violent Sim can be...