Thursday, September 28, 2006

out to dinner

In ancient times when one wanted to express appreciation to God he would bring a sacrifice and have a nice meal. It is only after eating serious meat that one can truly express his feelings of gratitude towards God. Today, because of our sins, we do not have a temple where we can sacrifice to God. However, we do have steakhouses, which are very similar. Today, in recognition of God's symbolically wishing us a good year, we will be going out to eat (if my wife finds a babysitter) after which we will praise god for the food which he supplies the world and for this great land which he has given us.
In my experience, whenever we are in a bit of a need, God comes through at the 11th hour. (90th minute in hebrew) .
When my wife was almost due with our first child and I needed a real job to pay the bills, I found one. When my second daughter was born and we needed some more money, I found a new job the first month that we kept a balance on the credit card. When we moved to Israel, I found a job the month that the money was going to run out. Now, after the war and the end of the year, when finances were just starting to overtake us, a large tax credit check came in that should tide us over till the end of the year.
There are plenty of other examples of God letting us know that he is watching us. For example, my car window was broken in Canada (by Canadian hooligans) and it cost me $250 to fix it. When we got to the border later on the way home, they told me that my wife's visa had run out and it would normally cost me $250 but they would let it slide this time.

Immediately after rosh hashana is the time to look for signs of what to expect for the coming year. Some people get computer viruses, other people get checks in the mail. I thought we were going to start the new year in debt, but God had other plans. I think I was written in the good book again this year.

I think every reader should take a minute and think of some coincidence that happened to him/her, whether it be good or bad, and try to attribute that to God's showing his presence in the world.

I imagine that we will be heading to moshav liman, right below rosh hankira, for a nice dinner.

I also wanted to wish all of you an easy fast and a "good sealing." May we merit the coming of the moshiach this year, in the near future.


Rafi G. said...

amen. I hope you are right that you were written in the good book. enjoy the steak

Anonymous said...

The other day I went to buy a sweater that cost $18.43 with tax. I went to pay with a visa card, and I was informed they don't accept visa. I usually carry very little cash with me, so I was about to do the walk of shame and just leave. But then I counted what cash I did have. Get this... to the penny, I had EXACTLY $18.43. The store lady wouldn't take my pennies though, she said "dont worry about the pennies". I was amazed that I had exactly 3, so I was slightly disappointed that she wouldn't take them.

rockofgalilee said...

that is exactly the kind of story I wanted to hear.
God's presence is constantly with us. We just have to open our eyes to see it.

Anybody else have a story?

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Anonymous said...

i dont think that was the kind of story he was looking for duke.