Monday, September 04, 2006

lindenstrauss is pissed

Happy Labor Day to those unfortunate of you still in America (or
Canada as it may be). Those of us here in the holy land are working

As I predicted, it was not a good idea for Olmert to take potshots at the comptroller via the media. The guy is responsible for finding corruption in the government and he let him have it. A large report was delivered to the attorney general's office with a recommendation to open a criminal investigation against the prime minister.
The prime minister responded, we would prefer the attorney general
investigates us. Could that be because they trust that the attorney
general will not find a problem with Olmert's abuses? We'll find out in the next couple weeks.

We decided to start getting prepared for the winter, which is rapidly approaching. So tonight, possibly, we are going to write up a list of what needs to be done so that we won't have leakage and other problems. This might mean that I will have to stop working on setting up a base for the pool, but technically I can do that right before the summer starts so I still have time.

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