Wednesday, September 06, 2006

talking points

I was once very cynical of talking points. Listening to all the pro-Democrat people talking about how algore had more gravitas then Bush. Each interview or news story had the exact same points, all dreamed up and written down by some spin doctors in the deomocratic national convention.
It was like nobody had any personality anymore and nobody had their own ideas on what issues were important.

"Now I'm a little bit older, I like to play just a little bit bolder," I realize how important talking points are in getting across a message that you believe in. Having 100 people talk about the exact same issue in their own words gives it much more weight and creates a much greater impression. The main problem with the democrats is that they weren't creative enough to give over the message in their own words and they just read the talking points sheet each time they were interviewed.

Using blogs, we have the power to promote our own agenda. To do this similar minded bloggers must unite under a loose umbrella where everyone maintains their uniqueness, yet talks about the issues that the central organization has determined is of critical importance at the moment. If everyone is talking about it, that will keep the issue on the table.

I think its time to start publishing talking points for pro Israel bloggers. What are the issues that the pro-Israeli blogging community want on the agenda. How can we promote that, etc.
This idea may start gaining steam over the next couple months, keep your eye out for it.

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Olmert go home!