Monday, September 18, 2006

rosh hashana ramblings

My brother got a job after being in the country only 2 months :-) It
is so much easier to settle down after you have that whole earn a
living thing under control.

I walked into the production wing of our building with our production manager and the SMT Line manager starts yelling at her that she gave him the wrong cable. I turned to him and said, you don't have to yell. And he replied, there's already history involved. So the production manager counted to 10 slowly and then she blamed someone else for giving her the wrong information.

I just thought I would share that story with you. Normally, our office is very chilled out but it can get tense at times.

Rosh Hashana, the Jewish new year, is this friday evening. This is an evening where we begin to renew our acceptance of God, as our King. In order to prepare for it, the entire month beforehand is set aside in preparation. The reason why this can be such a fearful day is that once you stand in front of God and accept the crown, you also accept his intrinsic right to determine your fortune for the next year. On Yom Kippur, the day of atonement, He will look over you and say, you crowned me and that means that you also accepted my rules.

This year Rosh Hashana comes in the aftermath of the second Lebanese war, which the government is steadfast in its denial of a war ever happening or their responiblity for causing and then mismanaging it. This is a year that we can truly look at the sorry state of the human governance of the people of Israel and ask God to be our king. To lead us. To guide us. To represent us. Democracy isn't working for the people of Israel, and it never will. Power corrupts, only absolute power grants the ability for the leader to say, I don't need to be corrupt, for I have everything.

Only if we accept God as our king and he accepts us as his people can the Jewish people overcome the humiliation that democratic elections have thrown over us. That there needs to be a vote in the knesset as to whether Sodomites can proudly march in the holiest city in the world is an embarrassment to us as a people.

For those soldiers that were killed fighting for our country in Lebanon: May God avenge their blood.

Happy New Year.

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