Sunday, September 17, 2006

whats a beinish?

This shabbos I learned a new word - beinish means hesder boys. It's not deragotory, as far as I can tell, it stands for bnei yeshivat hesder. Sometimes you need a break from blogging for a good week in order to clear out your brain. I took a week off but didn't clear anything.

Does anyone know how to get invited to the Warren Buffett cocktail party at the King David? I really would like to get an invitation.

The police said they were probably going to indict the president because he couldn't refute _all_ of the claims against him. He completely wiped out about 80% of the claims as being utterly false.

I'm not saying that he didn't sell pardons for cash (though I would highly doubt it), but I don't get the impression that he raped anybody. Especially not 7 women who are all making ridiculous claims. One woman who claims she was violently raped walked out of his office right afterwards smiling. Shelly Yachminovich says her claims are very believable. Another couple women requested jobs from him after he raped them. I am not pro-rape, far from it - I am actually anti-rape. But just because a woman claims that it happens doesn't mean that it did. Women, for all their wit and charm, do not always tell the truth (I know this is hard to comprehend).

The president of the supreme court retired last week and we are very happy to be rid of him. He did not do vry much to advance the position of the Jews in the land of Israel.

I have to finish the first part of my sukka project this week. I am in the middle of straightening the land where i want to put the sukkah (and the pool next summer). Our land is very slanted and I started a straightening project with a spade/hoe and garden rake. About 25 square meters. At the very bottom I am 3 bricks high, as I built a little retaining wall to hold in the dirt. It's about 75% finished, but i have to work at night now in order to finish it.

On Friday we took the kids down to the agam to ride their bikes. One of the things about living in mountian country is that there are very few flat areas to teach children how to ride their bikes. So every once in a while we go down to the agam and teach them there. My number 2 got her training wheels off and she is proving to have very good balance. She only flipped over the handlebars once.

The new year is almost upon us. I want to wish all of you a happy, healthy sweet new year.

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