Wednesday, September 27, 2006

holy city of tzfat

Last night I met my daughters and their school in the holy city of tzfat for a tour of the old city and then selichot. (It was slichot and not slichos, because it was done in the abuhav shul in the Morrocan tradition.) There were a number of small skits at the different places we went to about the holiness of Israel, in general, and Tzfat specifically. Parents were encouraged to accompany the children so I took the car to work and drove straight to tzfat.

First of all, the drive was amazing. From Haifa towards Karmiel and then continue on the Karmiel road to the Meron Interchange, and then up past meron to tzfat. This is some of the most gorgeous countryside in Israel. Driving, with the windows down and the music loud, is one of the most relaxing experiences (Warning: If you are doing it for 12 hours, listening to "It's the end of the world as we know it" by REM the entire trip it may make one of your passengers a bit crazy.) So I drove and drove and drove, about an hour from Haifa and really enjoyed the scenery.

Tzfat was enjoyable as well. The problem was they split up my kids classes for part of the time so I could only be with one of them at a time. I stayed with the younger one mostly, but also got to spend time with number 1.

The drive home was nice, thoug hit was pitch black. At one point there was what seemed to be a bad accident, with glass all over the highway and a bus stopped on the side, but I didn't see a really smashed up car. A minute later, I see some people on the highway waving people around the large body of a cow. It was very dark, so I probably wouldn't have see the cow if not for those people.

At work, my boss got a nasty virus on his computer.
He asked me how this was possible, as he always has virus checker running and is the only one at the company who gets the latest security patches for his computer and he doesn't open unexpected attachments, etc..

I replied, "and right after rosh hashana too"

He ignored my comment.

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