Sunday, April 05, 2009

another false alarm

Today my wife called me that the air raid siren went off while she was
grocery shopping. She didn't hear the siren in the store but was told
about it by someone afterwards. They have already announced that it was
a false alarm and that they will be checking into the spate of false
alarms recently. According to one of our commenters, it is a natural
reaction by the radar watcher who were wrong on thinking that real ones
were false, which is understandable but still keeps us on edge.

My children are currently all out and about, the oldest one is who knows
where with a friend, and 2-4 were at the park with friends. They have an
older girl with them, but she's only 13. I hope they didn't completely
flip out, especially since they were at the park close to the siren.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, from what I was told, it's not like there's an experienced high ranking officer sitting there overlooking to make sure as little mistakes as possible are made. It's a regular 18, 19 year old soldier sitting there, and they have less than 10 seconds to determine whether what's on their radar is a threat and in which direction it's flying.

I guess, rather have a few false alarms than have a rocket fall with no siren for warning.