Friday, May 27, 2005

4 bits

I really am going to try posting once a day now. I think it is important and enables me to clear my head for a couple minutes.

Yesterday I did something very enjoyable in honor of my birthday. I left work very early and told my wife I would meet her and the kids in nahariya. I got to nahariya a little bit early and went to the beach. all by myself. There was no one else at the beach it was so nice and peaceful. I sat down in a recliner chair and ordered a beer. For 20 minutes it was just me, my beer, the waves and god. Then after 20 minutes I finished and rejoined society.

Today I had an interesting experience. one of our friends had a party for his baby daughter. and they had a whole tefilla and program and stuff worked out. It was weird and one of the other guys I was with thought it was kind of reform. But the paper they handed out said it had sefardic customs. My friend who is sefardic by birth (though he has since joined the ashkenazic world) said that was impossible because sefardim don't consider new girls a reason to make a party.
Go figure. At least the food was good.

Have an enjoyable shabbos.


Batya said...

I also write to clear the brian, but I must have a real cluttered one, since I'm always writing.

Hebrew or English birthday?

There is a Sefardic custom, for sure the Tunisians have it, or some do. Sfardim are not all the same.

Veev said...

Was it a Brita?

rockofgalilee said...

it wasn't a brita they certainly didn't cut her her over there. When you think about it men have it easier. They are cut once when they are boys and they (hopefully) never bleed from there again. Women don't bleed when they are kids but they pay for it for the rest of their lives.

Rolling hills of green said...

sometimes you are crude, dear!