Monday, May 30, 2005


A couple years ago when I had a job where I actually did no work I used to write out a thought of the day. Most of them can be found on my old blog on the left hand side.

I'm in a lyrical mood so I thought I would try to pump another one out. It's called "Don't eat that apple"

This is especially relevant in the galilee where there are a lot of mixed marriages and people eat at each others houses without asking their yichus first.

It started a long way back when minhag became din and habit became minhag.
if a sefardi rabbi takes the gid hanasheh out of an animal can an ashkenazi eat it?
Should the fact that ashkenazi have the word nazi in it scare the sefardim?
Are yekkas bad people?

If for pesach one year i happen to be in yemen
do i eat their soft matza or just suck on a lemon
none of the special food they eat for the holiday
would pass as kosher if MY rabbis had what to say

If one wants to wave a chicken over your head
Do you need to insist that it has to be dead
Or maybe it's too pagan and you use money instead.
another guy says no kaparos just do tashlich with bread

It all seems rather silly when you know that in the end
all that really matters is if god gets mad enough to bend
If you ti or you si, guten vuch, shabbat shalom
all just depends from where you started to roam

I would guess one isn't more correct then the others
sefardim against ashkenazim? come on we're brothers
It isn't about the sway or the time you spend in the chapel
all that god had asked at first was "DON'T EAT THAT APPLE"

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Rolling hills of green said...

remanicient of old times!
Now the aple has a whole new meaning.