Thursday, September 08, 2005


I have never written about JP, and I have been thinking about him recently. I figure his efforts on behalf of the Jewish nation deserves at least one article on the Rock. JP, for tholse fo you who are uninformed has been in jail for quite some time now because he told Israel that the Iraqis were building an atom bomb. Maybe it was a bit more then that maybe he was also a spy for Israel for some time period. In any case, he had a deal with the prosecution for a couple years in jail if he pled guilty. He pled guilty and they hit him with the book. Lifetime imprisonment.
There are those who said that he was also a spy for the russians and got a bunch of US spies killed, but that has been proven false by the Aldrich Ames story, the real spy who got US CIA agents killed.
Why is JP in jail and why isn't the Israeli government doing anything about it? How is it that a spy for a friendly country gets a life imprisonment with no chance for parole while spies for foreign countries routinely get out in a couple years? Is it anti-semitism, anti-Israel, just plain stupidity?
Is there more to the story then people know?
I think that it is none of the above. I think the Israeli government is mad at Pollard for getting caught, or something like that, so they are letting him rot in prison. The US government has no reason to let him out if they don't get a real request.

I feel that the Israeli government is to be blamed 100% for the JP situation. If I was a bracelet wearer, I would add blue to my collection.

At the final reckoning, I hope God asks each Israeli prime minister why he didn't help his buddy Pollard and when they can't answer they will find out what the God of Vengeance really means.

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