Monday, September 12, 2005

the shul is burning

Would it have been better to take down the shuls in the former Gaza Strip or to allow the Palestinians to destory them as we knew they were going to.

From a realistic perspective, we were not going to have soldiers crying as they carefully dismantled the buildings. The Israeli army was going to blow them up. It would have been more controlled then letting the arabs loose on them, but the result would have been the same. There is nobody who realistically thought that putting up signs in Arabic listing these as holy places would amount to anything besides laughter. From an Israeli polical perspective, completely ignoring the religious reasons, if someone had to destroy the shuls in a cold, uncaring matter, let the world see the kind of animals that we just gave the strip to.

One of the reasons brought forth not to destroy the shuls was because the world would see that Israel destroy shuls so they can too. They lost this moral high ground when they discussed destroying them. Their moral claim was completely decimated when the Supreme Court ruled that there is no problem with destroying shuls. When Krakow decides that it's 7 synagogues can be better served as housing units, using the decision of the Israeli Supreme Court that there is no problem destroying them. Individuals may complain, Organizations may complain, but there can be no poltical pressure brought on by Israel. She will have to remain silent.

Israel, the country, would like to represent the Jewish interests in the world, yet they have once again proven that the country is ruled by narrow political interests and is not concerned with the Jewish world.

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Rolling hills of green said...

We are ready for Mashiach, a world where we don't have to worry about such attrocities, if we are still here, that is.