Thursday, September 22, 2005

stories from school

My 2nd grader came home yesterday very upset because she didn't eat lunch. We pay for school lunches, so my wife was furious. I checked into the story a little more so I could find out exactly what happened. My daughter said there wasn't enough food so the teacher sent her to the Janitor. The Janitor told her she didn't get food because she didn't pay. When she went back to her classroom, her teacher said "מה לעשות" or "Oh Well." There was a school meeting last night, so my wife thought that I should discuss the problem with the teacher. I went and asked the teacher if I could talk to her before the meeting and asked her what happened at lunch today. She looked surprised and said, why, what happened at lunch? I told her that my daughter said she didn't get any lunch today. She thought that was surprising because she thought she remembered my daughter eating. I told her the rest of the story and she thought it was especially strange because she remembers there was definitely extra food that day because one of the children didn't come. She also pointed out that there was kuskus remnants at her seat, which is generally indicative of having eaten. She told me she would discuss it with my daughter the next today (today) and hopefully we'll figure out what exactly happened.
This morning my daughter again insisted that she didn't get any food, and my wife (in her wisdom) decided to drop it.
My assumption is that my daughter either made up the story completely or was so hungry by the end of the day that she forgot she ate.
I told someone else the story and he assumed, based on his experience with the school (though not specifically with that teacher), that her story was pretty much accurate.



DAG said...

She went to the janitor for food??????????????

Rolling hills of green said...

The janitor has alot of responsibility in theschool.

rockofgalilee said...

he's the chuck of the school, l'havdil

SHEV said...

i dont get it