Wednesday, July 13, 2005

help the rennerts

Someone pointed out that my analogy is once again off the mark, as a parallel to licking the ashtray would be licking the sink that was spit into after brushing your teeth.
But that's neither here nor there. It was the thought that count.

I added a link on the top right of the blog, if you haven't noticed. It has top billing for a reason. I think it is very important to help out the Rennert family. If you haven't heard the story here is the short version, Mrs. Debbie Rennert, the mother of 10 children and the wife of Rabbi Rennert was killed in a car crash recently. Obviously they are going to need help now for two reasons

1) The family lost half of its income earners
2) The family needs a lot of moral support, including possible therapy, probably babysitting and whatever else. I can't imagine what I would do and the extra costs involved if my wife wasn't around and she currently is not a wage earner.

I don't want to hear any garbage about how people shouldn't have large families. I find that kind of talk ridiculous and I am intolerant of it. The family was doing just fine, probably struggling to pay their bills like every other family in America, until this tragedy occurred.

This is a family that cares and that has translated their care into active participation into the the health and welfare of all Judaism. They do not hide in the yeshiva and pretend that is all that there is. They were involved in the community, helping out immigrants from Russia, doing chesed and in general just being there. Please open your hearts and your wallets, click on the link on the right side of the page and show that you also care about Jews and Judaism.


A Friend said...

Kudos to you on a beautiful post and strong showing of support for a family that really needs our help.

Could you please update your link to display ?

Let's give generously and do what we can to help the Rennerts!!

rockofgalilee said...

The link has been updated

Heidi said...

if anything, I would think it is a blessing she has a large family. There will be more people to remember her, and more people to support eachother.

DAG said...

I believe she was a stay at home mom, actually.....

rockofgalilee said...

oops. I'll change that.