Sunday, July 17, 2005

it's all in the distance

I kind of had a pissing contest with someone at the office today who thought he should tell me how he would do my job if he were doing it. I basically won because my boss sided with me. It's only a basically won because now if there are any problems with the design I'll get blamed more.

I have 2 bosses, one fo them gives me an idea of what he wants and I design it and the other one tells me specifically what he wants and if there is anything slightly different then it goes out the window. So the less flexible boss gave me a new project to do and someone else who will be using the project wanted to give his input. So we had a big argument about how to do system design in different situations. He felt that you should always use proper system design and I felt that sometimes you use proper system design and sometimes it is just a big waste of time.

The big question here is whether I should take 2 days fulfilling the user requirements or 2 weeks. Of course after the 2 weeks, when I came back with a nice looking system it would be scrapped in favor of the 2 day system anyways, so there is no real point.

I say "know your customer."

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2R said...

I'm assuming he wants you to do it the 2 weeks way....why don't you give him the 2 day one as a trial, and if it doesn't work then run the 2 week one...i know, you'd have "wasted 2 days..." but probably not, cuz he'd probably like it anyway...